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  • Cloud is Beautiful/Nube es Bella/雲はきれい
  • にほんブログ村にほんブログ村にほんブログ村 Cloud is Beautiful/Nube es bella/雲はきれい Sometimes we all forget to appreciate things like “clouds.”Yesterday I opened the front gate of my apartment and this sky caught my eyes right away.I know, it is well-known fact the clouds are beautiful and we see the good ones sometimes.But I had forgotten to remember how lucky we are to have them. A [続きを読む]
  • Carry, Llevar, 運ぶ
  • にほんブログ村 にほんブログ村 にほんブログ村Carry, Llevar, 運ぶ When I introduce myself in Spanish, I use the verb “carry” to describe how many years I’ve lived in my place. It doesn’t make any sense if I use this verb in Japanese in this case. I don’t “carry” years. The things “carry” well; and second sentence doesn’t make sense in English either. Now, I am confused because I am far f [続きを読む]
  • "Buen día" en Argentina, "Buen día" in Argentina, アルゼンチンの「Buen día」
  • "Buen día" en Argentina, "Buen día" in Argentina, アルゼンチンの「Buen día」今ネットフリックスの「失われた少女」というアルゼンチンの映画を見ています。映画の中で、主人公が同僚に「Buen día」と言った時、私はただびっくり!彼女があんまり早く言ったので、何を言っているのかわからなかったからです。(後でスペイン語の字幕をみてわかった)家族とか友達と会うときは、もっとゆっくり言うのかな?たまたまこの主人 [続きを読む]
  • No More News! No más Noticias! ニュースはみない!
  • Watching News-Ver Las Noticias-ニュースをみることFalling asleep had been difficult for me recently. The reason was obvious: believe me I don’t watch cable news more than half an hour but I like following the media. I like watching the only politicians who phrase their thought with truly good intention. I like watching the episodes of someone who try to get what they deserve; because their [続きを読む]
  • How to Win the Prize, Como ganar el premio, 懸賞の当たり方
  • How to Win the Prize, Como ganar el premio, 懸賞の当たり方 There were a lot of newspapers, magazines, or flyers that o
    ffer a gorgeous prize to lucky winners. In my opinion back in the time in order to be the one, the process was like doing one of t
    he time-consuming odd jobs. For most of people including myself didn’t possess their own computer, the application process was w
    riting a bunch of [続きを読む]
  • Affection and afección?
  • Affection and afección?http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/afeccion There are a lot of funny mistakes that non-Spanish speakers
    make in Spanish language. My confidence rate was 10 on 10 when it comes to this topic. How embarrassing it could be to say “I’
    m pregnant.” instead of “I’m embarrassed.” in public! But the time came for me to realize how silly was I to think that I
    don’t make such [続きを読む]
  • Hashtag con sentimiento fuerte, Hashtag with strong
  • Hashtag con sentimiento fuerte, Hashtag with strong feelingAlthough I call my self social media savvy (I’ve been having a twitter account for about 5 years with 826 followers. It’s true!) I had never really known what is OMG means till about a year ago. I somehow managed to find out the noticeably positive side of hashtag# last 5 months even this has been a well-known fact for many and many yea [続きを読む]
  • mi-ha- mi-ja- ミーハー
  • ミーハー(mi-ha-) (follower of each new fad-this is the closet translation I found on internet site) I proudly call myself a
    mi-ha- person for jumping into something or someone who became the trend at the moment. There is a “mi-ha-wave“comes every onc
    e in a while. For example I was in love with Argentinian Spanish some years ago just because I heard people said it sounds like It
    alian and romanti [続きを読む]
  • Una Guittarita Zurdo, A leftite Gutarrist
  • I learned that the famous Paul McCartney is a lefty guitarist from my husband. He fixed a little ukulele for a lefty like me and
    Paul:) Maybe it's not too late to start learning how to play a guitar!Aprendí que El famous Paul McCartney es un guitarris
    ta zurdo desde my husband. Él arregló ukeleletito a uno por los zurdos como Paul y yo:) quizás no es demasiado tarde para mí
    a empezar a ap [続きを読む]
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