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  • #15 Minimal Explanation, More Practice Japanese, Practice う U-Verb
  • #15 Minimal Explanation, More Practice Japanese referring to Genki 1 page 90This series of Japanese Practice links to Student Book
    Genki but If you do not have one, you can also practice.The meaning of color:Highlight Green means Heading or Subheading or newly
    introduced expression, Blue means Japanese phrases. If you do not have time to read all of things, just check blue phrases and th
    en you can [続きを読む]
  • How to solve IELTS True, False and Not Given 私の解き方
  • Today’s topicHi everyoneToday’s topic is I try to explain my criteria to solve True, False and Not Given question in IELTS reading section.こんにちは、今日のトピックは、IELTSリーディングセクションのTrue, False, Not Givenの選択問題に関して、自分の解き方の基準について説明しようと思います。I am going to refer an article on page 17 from reading passage 1 in Cambridge IELTS 9.今回はケンブリッジIELTS, [続きを読む]
  • #2 Basic Japanese Asking Name, hometown, SNS, workplace Ver.1.1
  • This is a script for Video "Basic Japanese #2 Asking Name, hometown, SNS, workplace, なまえ、しゅっしん". Pleas
    e use for your learning. The first series 1-4 of my blog basically links to Lesson 1 of Genki, but I have changed or removed som
    e expressions that seem to be less used or expression only for students, for example, Asking major “せんこうはなんです
    か what is you major?”, Instead of expr [続きを読む]
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