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  • 名詞表現 constant attention
  • Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation bya surgen.「優れた看護師に常時付き添ってもらうことは,外科医による大手術とまったく同じくらい重要だということもあり得るのだ。」・Constant attention = Being attended constantly by a good(=competent) nurse・attend = look after or take care of (someone) [続きを読む]
  • 「同伴」の意を表すcompany
  • As I was alone, I preferred his company to none.「ひとりだったので,誰もいないより彼といたほうがよかった。」I preferred my own company to his. He was such a tedious person to be with.「彼といるよりひとりのほうがよかった。一緒にいるととんでもなく退屈な人だった。」・tedious (退屈な) [続きを読む]
  • 「基準を表す」 for (=considering)
  • Mr. Razumov was a tall, well-proportioned young man, quite unusually dark for a Russian from the Central Provinces.「ラズモフは背が高くて均整のとれた若者で,中央部地方出身のロシア人にしては全く普通ではない色黒であった。」・well-proportioned(均整のとれた)・the Central Provinces(中央部地方)*白系ロシア人の居住地帯 [続きを読む]
  • in+動名詞
  • In speaking with Japanese students, and in reading their reports, I often come across a word that looks, or sounds, like the Engli
    sh word "humanism".「日本の学生たちと話している際や彼らのレポートを読んでいる際に,『
    」・come across・・・(・・・に出くわす;・・・に出会う) [続きを読む]
  • 「割合」を表すin
  • Only one woman in ten recognizes her husband as the same man he was before she married him. Nine out of ten say he's changed.
    One in three says he's changed for the worse.「結婚前と自分の夫は変わらないと考える女性はわずか1
    悪い方に変わった」という。・for the worse(悪い方向に) [続きを読む]
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